Frequency Morphogenesis

In the shapeless space of pure thought there appeared for the first time a golden embryo of sound. It was a sound vibrating through the void, returning to itself. At the crossing of the waves of sound water and wind emerged, playing with each other, weaving the foggy body of the world.

A musical visualisation of the creative power of audio frequencies.

The shortfilm was screened at more than 70 festivals e.g. the Cannes Film Festival, Prix Ars Electronika and Krok


Awards and Nominations:

  • Cronosfera 2008 – Mention of the Jury

  • Animago 2008 – best technical visualization

  • Imagina Awards 2009 – nominated for best Video Clip

  • ANIMEX 09 experimental animation award

  • Hamburg animation award 2009

  • KeyVisual for FMX 2009